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C-Series a modular and scalable charging power unit

The  C-Series is an EV charging power unit cabinet that let you scale charging power to meet your needs now and in the future.

The C-Series is a modular and scalable charging power unit (CPU) for various types of electric commercial and heavy commercial vehicles. It is also suitable for electric seaport/airport charging operations. Whether you need a lot of EV charging power in shopping center, a car par for charing a large fleet at a depot, the C-Series CPU will fulfill your needs with its modular structure offers power levels from 50 kW to 600 kW

Depending on your charing application the optimal charing voltage range can be on C500 series 150-500 and on C800 series 200-800 VDC. When your vehicle fleet/battery sizes grows and you need more charing power, the C-Series CPU can be expanded by adding an extra power module or new cabinet. The charging power can be distributed in a static or dynamic manner to multiple satellite posts or pantograph. 

Application Examples

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The benefits of C-Series

C-Station supports all the most common charging standards: CCS1, CC2, CHAdeMO and Type 2 AC.

Kempower Power Module is the core of C-Station. The rack style cabinet includes 1-4 power modules. C-Station is also redundant as each power module work independently, if one of them malfunctions, the others keep on working.

Our charging cable spring support solution is developed based on real user experience. C-Station integrated cable handling prevents the cable from touching the dirt or wet ground and provides ranges with optionally 5 or 7 meter charging cables.




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