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Electric commercial vehicles charging, electric bus and truck fleets. 

Cleaner public transportation and goods delivery are on their way to cities across the ​globe. APTEM charge by Kempower, the market leading depot and end stop charging stations can provide you with cutting edge network of chargers for a range of commercial electric vehicles in the traffic system. Our solutions cover everything from chargers to support services and a reliable charging infrastructure.

Our seamless electric fleet charging solution provides you the infrastructure.
+ Meet EV charging standards
+ Scale as your electric fleet capacity grows.
+ Remote monitoring and control​, know that your charger infra works. 


Movable Charging Solution - Pilot Project 



Many business prepares for EV transformation. We can help the organization to adopt and pilot EV trial with our mobile solution that is easy to move. It does not require a fixed installation. The T-Series movable charger is excellent for different pilot projects. You can use this movable charger to test charging and operation of your EV adoption. Once you have completed testing and gain enough experience how charging work in daily, then you can plan and invest in more extensive charging infrastructure. 


APTEM charge by Kempower solutions are designed so that your charger network can be effortlessly scaled to growth when needed. The solutions are modular so you can start smaller and add power when needed. We offer customized solutions for the needs of different sizes of fleet operators.


Movable charging solution for organizers

EV charging solution will be added as the event management check list. In exhibition, trade show, festival, concert, sport events, etc, we can partner with event organizers to make things happened and make sure everyone are happy.

Movable charing solution for brands and dealers

To promote sales and market development especially in automotive the brands and dealers need to offer EV test drive and ride or roadshow for introducing the drivers the excellent experience of EV and their latest technology as well as the charging demonstration. Our movable fast charing solution can recharge the battery anywhere you need it.


APTEM charge by Kempower solutions are compatible with the most common charging standards, CCS, CHAdeMO, and Type 2. New solutions are introduced as the industry goes forward. Our support service system keep you in line with updates at all times.


Movable charging solution for the state agencies

The Thai government plans to promote EV through government agencies, state enterprises, public organizations. The government is currently working on developing EV charging infrastructure in the country by PTT (a state own enterprise in oil and gas), EGAT, MEA, PEA, etc. The government also aims to increase the adoption of EV by electrifying the public transportation and their agency's fleet, such as BMTA and university campus. As in early adoption with our movable charging solution and product, we can provide the right answer for their different needs.

Movable charging solution for the carmakers and EV manufacturers

The entire automotive industry is moving quickly for adapting their business model to EV.  Factories are being overhauled to produce EV. The high cost of developing EV and many tasks to undertake are forcing many companies to find the right and reliable partners on new vehicle development and testing such as the charger as the testing facility. Our movable charger and comprehensive portfolio of charging solutions would  provide valuable help for your smooth and successful projects. 

Movable charging solution for the pilot EV fleet and property owner.

EV drivers always look for the place to charge. Your adoption of EV charging service will be included into your new business model. Hotel, shopping mall, retail & convenient store, community mall, condo, apartment, hospital, wealth & wellness center, gas station, work place, office building, university campus, stadium, concert venue, exhibition hall, parking operator, car dealer showroom, car service center, car sharing, logistic and delivery fleet, passenger transportation fleet, warehouse, etc, thanks to T-Series movable charger, it is perfect to start with and get you the right EV charing solution for your business to ensure the best customer, employee, visitor, resident, and partner charging experience.


APTEM charge by Kempower products are tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and to take the strain of loading multiple electric buses. Cloud connectivity ensures easy rebooting, wireless software updates and hassle free maintenance. We know our chargers and we recognize service needs in advance.


Movable charing solution makes it easy for Add on

Not only the benefits of portable, you can set up a fast charging station in 5 minutes with Movable T-Series charger. This would help the Charger Point Operator (CPO) or public parking or fleet to add on the fast charging during high demand or peak traffic at different locations.

Movable charing solution makes it easy for Back up

During down time, preventive maintenance, shutdown of your existing charing infrastructure. Movable T-Series fast charger can be your backup. Our movable charging solution can ensure you smooth operation. 

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