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Charging system for electric vehicles - Dynamic power distribution with satellite charging posts

The  S-Series charging satellite system is an electric vehicle fast charging system for large and widespread fleet. The system is especially ideal for electric buses and fast charging for electric passenger cars. The need for simultaneous and frequent fast charging is easily fulfilled with S-Series charging satellite posts.

The S-Series charging satellite system consists of a C-Series charging power unit and 4 double satellites or 8 single satellites, with maximum total of 8 charging output. Inside the cabinet, there are power modules that each provide 40 kW of charing power. 1 to 4 modules can be installed in a single C-Series cabinet whereas one charging power unit can have 1 to 3 cabinets. All in all up to 12 modules can be installed in a charging power unit. You can start with one module and acquire more when needed. The charging power can be distributed dynamically into each charging output.

Our intuitive user interface is embedded into the charging satellite posts, therefore each user is able to choose their individual fast charging period, connector type and payment method, if that is necessary. The weatherproof body and special coating for the electronics ensure that both the C-Series cabinet and the fast charging S-Series charging satellite posts can be installed indoors and outdoors. 

Application Examples

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The benefits of S-Series

Providing 400kW of continuous power means that the liquid-cooled satellite charger will enable vehicles to be charged more quickly by delivering higher power. This improvement will help overcome one of the last remaining barriers to the electrification of heavy-duty transport. Charging system supports all the most common charging standards: CCS1, CC2, CHAdeMO and Type 2 AC.

The two-channel 40 kW power module is the core of all our EV chargers. If more power is needed, just add a module. The modules are not dependent on each other, if one of them malfunctions the other still work perfectly fine.

Due to the slim design and the modularity of S-Series charging satellite poles, they have the best power vs footprint ratio in the fast charging market. The output of each charging pole can be up to 100kW, 5 times as high as standard charging pole of the same size. Thus the poles can be arrayed in a formation where they take as little space as possible while charging, for example, four electric vehicles at the same time.




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